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    Learn to speak Polish confidently from scratch
    with Zgoda

    About us

    Over the 5 years of our existence we have taught 7150 people to speak Polish confidently and we have helped most of them to successfully integrate into the Polish-speaking environment as a result of their newly acquired language skills, i.e: 

    Our advantages

    FREE trial lesson with a teacher, not a presentation of courses

    Communication in Polish from the very first lesson

    Small groups

    At the end of the course you receive a certificate with the number of hours completed and your language level

    FREE learning materials: printed and/or digital

    More than 80% of lesson time is dedicated to conversation practice

    Monthly payments instead of payments for the entire course

    Our Courses



    Basic Polish


    At the end of the course
    You will acquire the basics of grammar and vocabulary and learn about 1,000 Polish words.

    You will be able to:

    Price: 240 PLN

    (1 month)

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    Elementary Polish


    At the end of the course
    You will have a solid grasp of grammar rules and know about 2000 Polish words.

    You will be able to:

    Price: 240 PLN

    (1 month)

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    At the end of the course
    our skills in grammatical and syntactical structures will be solid and automated. Your vocabulary will be around 3000 words.

    You will be able to:

    Price: 240 PLN

    (1 month)

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    Express Course

    (A1 / A2 / B1 levels)
    3 months

    Just 3 months of our express course will enable you to acquire a completely new level of Polish for faster achievement of your goals

    Such as:

    Price: 360 PLN
    (1 month)
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    Children and teenagers in Zgoda are taught according to our own methodology, which takes into account the different levels of knowledge and the peculiarities of teaching for students of different ages.

    As a result of the courses your child will understand Polish and be able to communicate in the language.

    In order to ensure that you learn Polish the best way possible our experienced teachers will explain grammar with simple examples and proceed directly to language practice using interactive communicative exercises.

    In addition to mastering the main linguistic aspects, children also learn
    about Polish culture and traditions.

    Курсы польского языка
    Курсы польского языка


    Репетитор польского языка

    One-to-One classes in Polish at Zgoda are perfect for students who, for various reasons,
    don’t find group format suitable.

    One-to-one classes with a teacher have numerous advantages, such as

    One-to-one tuition: you can also prepare for your B1 exam or an interview for a Polish residence card/Karta Pobytu.

    You may study individually or in a small group of up to 3 people.

    Репетитор польского языка


    Pole’s card (Karta Polaka) - is a special document which confirms that the citizens of the CIS and Baltic countries belong to the people of Poland. Having this document gives a number of bonuses and privileges to its owner.

    With Karta Polaka you will be able to:

    In order to apply for Pole’s Card, you need to prove that you have Polish relatives and that you are a member of the Polish culture. You also need to prove that you do not have a language barrier.

    The preparation course for the Pole’s Card interview at Zgoda
    involves learning all the basic aspects you need to successfully pass the interview with the Polish consul:


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    Курсы польского языка Zgoda

    At the end of the course you will:

    Holders of Pole’s Card are entitled to Permanent residence permit (Karta stalego pobytu) on its basis. However, when applying for the Permanent residence permit you may use your Polish ancestry directly without holding a Pole’s Card.

    Once you receive a Permanent residence permit, you can legally live, work, study and do business in Poland, as well as travel visa-free to Schengen countries – just like Poles do.

    An important condition for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Poland is to have an interview with a representative of the consular authority for foreigners.

    The interview for Permanent residence permit is only in Polish (no interpreter is allowed), and the minimum language level is B1, which implies:

    In order to prepare for the interview and pass your interview for Pole’s Card or Residence permit, you can sign up for our specialised courses. 

    Preparation course for Pole’s Card interview:

    Minimum required level: from scratch.
    Cost: 840 PLN.

    Preparatory course for Permanent residence permit:

    Minimum required level: A2.
    Cost: 840 PLN.


    Подготовка на экзамен польского языка

    The state certificate is the only official document which confirms knowledge of the Polish language at a certain level (from A1 to C2). This document is issued by a state committee based on the results of a certification examination.

    Our Zgoda courses help people from the CIS and Baltic countries to prepare for the B1 level at the exam, as you will need to know Polish at this level in most situations:

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    The exam contains two modules in 5 blocks:


    1. Rozumienie ze słuchu (Listening Comprehension)
    2. Rozumienie tekstu pisanego (Understanding of the written text)
    3. Poprawność gramatyczna (Polish grammar test).
    4. Pisanie (Writing)


    5. Rozmowa (conversation).

    To pass the Level B1 examination, you need to have at least 50% correct answers in each block.

    Course content:

    Course takes place in a group or individually.

    Подготовка на экзамен польского языка

    Course methodology

    Our courses are based on our own teaching methodology, which includes several key components to ensure that our students master spoken Polish in the shortest time possible.


    The secret to effective learning in our courses is focus on instant, hands-on practice with the new material.

    Forget about the numerous written exercises and boring translations of texts. In our courses 80% of the classes are dedicated to active discussions under the supervision of a professional tutor who will closely follow any grammar or vocabulary mistakes and immediately correct them by clarifying the specific problem.

    Flexibility and Modernity

    We work according to our own curriculum without being bound to academic textbooks. This allows us not to overload the learning process by stretching it out over many months.

    When you learn Polish with us you learn topical vocabulary and functional (applied) grammar without having to absorb huge amounts of theoretical material.

    Information technology

    In order to provide our students with the most effective and comfortable online language learning experience we have chosen to use the Google Classroom interactive platform. 

    Google Classroom makes it easy to create, share and grade assignments in a paperless environment.


    The service provides a range of features:


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